Build a Calculator! -- Make sure the button has the exact id 'button'



I get this message everytime "Make sure the button has the exact id 'button'" this is my code:
<!DOCTYPE html>
		<link rel="stylesheet" href="style.css" />
		<script src='script.js' type="text/javascript"></script>
	<div id="button"></div> <button type="button"> Click Me 

And this is my script.js


This is the html and css forum, can you post the url of the exericse?



You should add the id="button" to your <button>, and a id of change_me to your div


<div id="change_me"></div> <button id="button" type="button"> Click Me 

Like this then?


Almost, the button should be inside the div:

<div id="change_me"><!-- button here --></div>

i haven't looked at jquery code, do i need to?


I added one more thing to the jquery and it worked.


So issue resolved? Good to hear :slight_smile:


got a new message on a later step..


<div id="calculator" 
div id="total">
<div id="operators"
<a id="equal">=</a>
<div id="numbers">

message :Your number links need to be in the #numbers div!

remove head just so you can see my code.


Again, exactly which exercise is this?



This line:

<div id="operators"<!-- missing > here -->

the > ended up after equal:

<a id="equal">=</a>
><!-- here is your missing > -->

it seems you need to close your div#operators with a div closing tag (</div>) before your div#numbers


solved!!!:grinning: thanks a lot


Getting this error :Did you define the '.click()' correctly? Look at the hint if you need help

var testNumLength = function(number) {
if (number.length > 9) {
if (number.length > 15) {
number = "";
var number = "";
var newnumber = "";
var operator = "";
var totaldiv = $("#total");

//Add your .click() here!
$('#numbers a').not('#clear,#clearall').click(function(){
   number += $(this).text();



I haven't done jquery in ages, please make a new topic so someone else can take it from here


posted in javascript but no answer, might want to post it in Jquery aswell?


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