Bugs with the Learn the Command Line Course?


  1. It keeps passing the steps, even though said code is wrong.
  2. The steps say wrong even though what I’m doing is right.

For example, they asked me to navigate to the comedy/ directory, so I typed cd comedy, (and yes, I was in the right directory), and then I typed pwd, which printed: /home/ccuser/workspace/movies/comedy, so I’m in the right place, but it’s saying I’m wrong.
Apparently, the correct code to go to comedy/ is cd …/…/comedy, which prints: No such file or directory. It doesn’t make sense.
Maybe I’m just making a mistake, but this is really tripping me up.

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I found more than once that trying to follow the exact instructions for the directory traversal would lead to errors. I couldn’t work out if that was intentional to get you to work out your current location for yourself or just a mistake. If it’s meant to be an instruction then it should be correct and if not then it seems odd to provide a command of cd../../comedy rather than just asking you to move to the comedy directory if you’re meant to work it out for yourself.

On this and a few other lessons with the same or similar errors I think you can get away with just moving out of the current directory and then immediately moving back to actually get the requirement passed.

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Ok thanks. I hope this gets fixed soon.

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