Okay this may not be a bug but it is really annoying. I have to log out of my discuss codecademy account and log back in every single time I make a change in my original profile settings. @CodecademyModerators could you guys(and/or girls) check this out and tell me if this is a bug or not. :neutral_face:


Not a bug. Changes don't take effect until you log out. It's like a Firefox update. The browser needs to be restarted.


Okay got it @mtf :wink:


Yeah, Roy's right, and it's kinda annoying I know, but you'll get used to it, like I have :slight_smile:

It's (21) guys and (4) girls (that I know of [on that group]):wink:


Excuse me, I'm a train, things can have moderator accounts too you know.


Oh sorry! @steven.copeland, this one's actually a train, a red one.

That makes 20 guys, 4 girls and a red train in the moderator team.