I didn't where to post this.I finished JavScript and now it says 99% finished.Not like 100% like HTML/CSS.And after i finished HTML/CSS it disappeared from home.Why?

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Can you go to the overview of the course see which section is showing incomplete, then open that section click on the bottom left to view all lessons in section and see which lesson is not ticked, if they are all ticked try clicking on the last lesson and press save and submit. Hopefully it works :slight_smile:

If I go to your profile it shows as HTML & CSS completed.


Thanks.I did that and i found the lesson that wasn't ticked.The strange thing is that the code was perfect.I typed the same code like 10 times,i refreshed the page and finally it got "ticked".What i did btw is that i clicked "Reset code" then saved,refreshed and typed the exact same code.Very starnge.
Thank you


Check it out incase it is a bug.


Okay, thank you .
We will look into it

Happy coding :slight_smile: