Bug with the 'REPORT A BUG' & link issue

Hi i’m new, as in - started last night. On this page of the html course: https://www.codecademy.com/courses/learn-html-elements/lessons/intro-to-html/exercises/title-html?action=resume_content_item&course_redirect=learn-html

It says to click the ‘catalog’ link where you will see the TITLE of the page is: All Courses | Learn to code interactively | Codecademy. This is used for an example for understanding the task.

Except I don’t see that title on my link https://www.codecademy.com/catalog/subject/programming

Is it me not understanding, or has the link title been updated but not in the programme, or vice versa?

I clicked on “REPORT A BUG” but nothing happens, no dialogue box pops up, or external link. Is it me being a newbie, or is there a bug? All it does when I click it, is scroll the above text box back to the top. I’ve scrolled through to various parts of the text, and when I click ‘report a bug’ it resets it back to the top every time, as if you clicked on that lesson for the first time. So you also lose your place of where you were up to in reading. Any help would be appreciated, it’s a fantastic website! Thanks

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Hi @choiceas,

You’re right about this observation. It’s not a bug but it’s an issue on that lesson. CC had recently updated the All Courses page and that page was turned into a catalog for all courses which can be filtered by subjects. So now, the title of the page is Catalog | Codecademy instead of All Courses | Learn to code interactively | Codecademy.

I understand what you’re trying to say about “Report A Bug”, basically, don’t click the “Report A Bug” title, under the title, there is a sentence which reads:

If you see a bug or any other issue with this page, please report it here.

With the “here” word (bolded above) being a hyperlink, try clicking that word “here” and it will fade into a bug reporting form. Then you may fill up that form accordingly.

Hope that helps. :slight_smile: