Bug with HTML & CSS class, 22 : navigation menu


Hi, I'm doing the HTLM & CSS class and I love it. But I've completed 90% of the class and now I'm stucked cause there's a bug in the unit 22 : navigation menu.

The screenshot never loads and even if I do the exercice without the screenshot, I can't upload and verify my answers.

I try to delete my cache, my history, but it still does not work.

Can somebody help me, please.



If it's the about me page, you can go back to the first lesson


to see what they want it to look like.

If this is not the correct thing please link me to the right exercise :slightly_smiling:


It's this exercise.


And just to be clear, it's not that my answers are incorrect, it's that the Website donc want to load and correct my answer.


It loaded for me? press ctrl + f5 to flush caches and refresh the page

Looks like this for me


I did refresh the page and delete my cache. Several times in fact.

Are you on Mac or PC? What is your browser version?


PC and Latest version of chrome, firefox and IE sometimes run into problems with things like this.