Bug Where the Shell Prompt ($) Doesn't Show Up/ I Can't Write Code


Many times after I have been idle for more than about 5 minutes the code editor shuts me out and I have to refresh the page, which in turn erases my code and I have to rewrite it. Would be great to see a fix for this. Thanks.


You can't have that much code on a command line course, you left it idle for too long.


I understand that, but I don't understand why it will not allow me to edit my code. It is still there but even if I click it won't let me add or take away, so I must refresh and it wipes all of my code away. I am just typing what they tell me to type, but I do most of my coding at school, and sometimes I have to do something for class or my teacher makes me put up my computer. I wish it would just be like the old HTML and CSS course where I could edit some, close my laptop, and then come back.


It's the program they use. A command line is interactive, it isn't like HTML or CSS.


Alrighty, thanks for the help. :slightly_smiling: