Bug! urgent help. thank you



The code isn’t running. This particular subject has no coding exercise at all. All you have to do is run the already presented code in order to move on to the next topic-subject.

I hope I can get help in fixing the code in order for me to proceed with the topic and complete it!

def clinic():
    print "You've just entered the clinic!"
    print "Do you take the door on the left or the right?"
    answer = raw_input("Type left or right and hit 'Enter'.").lower()
    if answer == "left" or answer == "l":
        print "This is the Verbal Abuse Room, you heap of parrot droppings!"
    elif answer == "right" or answer == "r":
        print "Of course this is the Argument Room, I've told you that already!"
        print "You didn't pick left or right! Try again."



Hi @nick_bantu,

After you submit the code, the following text should appear in the console window …

You've just entered the clinic!
Do you take the door on the left or the right?
Type left or right and hit 'Enter'.

Upon seeing that text, you should input either left or right. Were you able to get to that stage?


Hi @appylpye Thank you for getting back to me.

The biggest problem isn’t the code. The operation which determines whether you are moving forward to the next step keeps circling without cease, giving me neither a green tick nor the red X for incorrect syntax. Its stuck in a loop.


Could you post a capture of the entire screen, including the code, all buttons, and the console?

In particular, we are concerned about whether or not you see the content that appears below within the console in the right portion of the screen, after clicking the Run button …

If you do see that, then just type left and hit the Enter or Return key.

What operating system and browser are you using?


Maybe you altered the preset script causing that bug. Try clicking reset exercise (right next to run button) and trying to run the script again.


This was it. The processing operator in the Instructions box couldn’t stop going round (the thinking). However, the bug seems to have been fixed! Thank you incredibly for your participation.


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