Bug_Ruby_Incorrect completion percentage



There is a bug I have encountered in Ruby course. 
My course completion percentage is 74%.
Now, instead of clicking on Continue button, if I click on 'Ruby' course thumbnail under Language Skills section, my completion percentage becomes 100%.

Below is the path on which screenshot is kept.



The same with my profile


Yes, it is the same in my python and javascript page. I made a post in the community platform problem. Post is Here


Probably the third time I'm making this post, please check for other posts that have the same problem.

It was a problem for me too.

I simply clicked on one of the bugged progression bars and did some exercises and then, when i reloaded the progression page .. everything sorted out properly.

Hope this helps you out :slight_smile:


@ronybo, From yesterday I passed form 67% to 81%, closed my pc twice, but it still stucks on 100%. Maybe problem is in codecademy changing how it shows course progress, as from the 15th Sept we should get progress on a course once we complete the entire lesson


Their were multiple of these so I am not surprised you are finding more.



As someone who has used our Ruby course, we wanted to let you know that the changes we’re implementing will cause any partial or full progress in the course to be lost. All achievements will be maintained though, so if you’ve finished the course already you’ll be able to show that you completed it - even after the switch.
We’ll be making this change on September 26th, so if you’d like to, make sure you complete the course by then. Otherwise, you can start learning again in the new course and really get the content down! We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, but we’re excited to be offering a better learning experience in this course!


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