Bug reports

Hey guys,

Since I started coding here I have encountered many bugs ranging from typo’s to broken code.
The exercises have their own report section under the help button which I then use. I have done so ever since my first encounter.

However now I read in the “How to report a bug” section that I should have included the link to the exercise with each report… Does that mean all my reports have been useless…?

If so, that would be kind of stupid in my opinion… because I would totally have expected that if you report from inside a certain exercise they would automatically know what exercise the report is about… The text even suggests so.

If it is indeed the case that you have to include the url, I urgently suggest to state the requirement of that directly at the bug reporter interface and not as a single line of text on a page outside of the exercise.

Kind regards,


If you’re reporting a bug from the learning environment, we can see what content item it is paired with. If you report it to customer support for example, we’d need you to provide the link.

Mind sharing the link with me (ha) with where you saw these instructions on reporting a bug and including the link? I can clarify the phrasing there too.

Really appreciate your bug reports and helping others here! Thank you!


Hey, good to hear my reports were not in vain ;).

The section that elaborates on bug reporting is here

At the bottom it says:
NOTE: Please include the URL of the exercise you are on in the description field.

For your information ;): most bugs are ok to deal with and I figure it our quite fast what is wrong and how to evade it but the huge amount of bugs in the SASS course was getting to my head… I hope this is solved quickly.

Keep up the good work! I am enjoying Codecademy thoroughly.