Bug report

I can’t find where to report bugs, so feel free to move this to it’s appropriate location.

In the project Reggie’s Linear Regression (https://www.codecademy.com/courses/learn-python-3/informationals/python3-reggies-linear-regression), there is a bug in the sample code. The last assignment in “Part 2 Try a bunch of slopes…” the code is supposed to take datapoints as a variable. This has been defined in the start of the project, and using this works well - I get the correct result. However, datapoints is defined again with different values (last assignment in Part 1), after it was first defined, so if you fail to define it again (which does not seem necessary), you get the wrong output and end up using an hour trying to find a typo or bug in your perfect code. Solution: Please use a different name for the variable in the testing in the last assignment in Part 1.

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In the courses, there is usually a thing under the instructions to Report a Bug. Some people who work on the courses rarely are in the forums.

I hope this helps =)