Bug report: syllabus error

In the syllabus of Introduction to HTML, there is a lesson called FORMS.
But on the web of Web Development Path, in the HTML part, there is not anything about FORMS.

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Good point there, but I don’t know if it is just a mistake or not, because there wasn’t a PHP course (there is now) but probably they would put it into the path once the PHP course is complete.

NOT PHP, I’m learing the HTML lesson.
And I have finished the HTML lesson, but the syllabus and the web developmetn path are still not consistent.
Please check it. :slight_smile:

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Yes, I know I meant that for:

So what I meant is that they are probably waiting for the PHP course to be done then they would put it into the web development path, because PHP is used when submitting forms

Hope this helps :grinning: