Bug-report on 30/33 Introduction to Objects 1 / JavaScript (French version)


Hi !
I'm stucked in exercise 30/33 on "Introduction to objects 1", I'm 100% sure my code is correct but I still have this error message : "Oups, merci de réessayer. Assurez-vous d'utiliser le constructeur Object." ("Oops try again with object constructor").

I found on the forum this topic speaking about the same glitch (on the English version of Codecademy), I tried each users replies and I still can't go ahead with this exercise :confused:
I would really need to confirm it, I need to complete the "Introduction to JavaScript" course to apply for a school and my score cannot be 100% if this exercise is not confirmed :neutral_face:

Admins ! Help meeeee please :disappointed_relieved:

var spencer = {
  age: 22,
  pays: "France"

// Créez spencer2 ici grâce à la notation avec constructeur
var spencer2 = new Object ()
spencer2.age = 22;
spencer2.pays = "France";


object() is one argument, there can't be spaces in it.


... Ok :sweat: it's working now, the Devil is in the details ! Many thanks for your help !!!


you french people do like that expression (the devil is in the details) another Frenchmen said the same thing yesterday. You're welcome :slight_smile:


Haha this expression is often appropriate with coding ! :slight_smile:


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