Bug report Javascript Intro to Objects l, 25 "Constructors in Review"

There was no button below the instructions to let me report something wrong, so I’m mentioning it here.
I just had the same problem as described in this post, the console passed me after I gave an incomplete answer : Introduction to Objects I validation error

I think that the codecademy console needs to be more reliable in spotting errors. Passing people through with incorrect or incomplete answers may sound like a bonus to some, but it doesn’t do a student any lasting favours and ultimately erodes confidence in codecademy as a learning platform.

I hope that the console is getting a good seeing to now that the Pro option has rolled out.

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Very much agreed, I just debugged a simple coding error for someone in arrays, and they forgot to add the declaration equal sign. The error the console returned was a syntax error, implying that the code was missing a semi-colon. It was not. So, yes I agree.