BUG: progress is saved, but not marked (green checkmark) for all steps


progress of course is saved, but the green checkmark does not appear for all completed steps. see printscreens for more info.
If the checkmark does not appear, you won't be able to submit an excercise in the next step, because the gear wheel won't stop running. in that case you have to refresh the webpage (F5).

I've also seen the same bug appear in the Javascript course. Please fix this

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This is not a bug once you complete the unit the green ticks will appear. :slight_smile:


Hi Dave,

how can it not be a bug? I've completed those units and several after that
as well. The last ones are shown with the green ticks, but the ones before
that don't have it, even not if redo the step again.


You see as you are progressing through the exercises, the lessons in the unit you are on might not update immediately but eventually will. If this really bothers you, yes you can and should report this as a bug. :slight_smile:


I still don't agree with you :slight_smile:

Please see the screenshot attached. I've now completed part 4 (Functions) for the Python course.
however according to the progress tracker I still need to complete some work in the first Functions lesson (shows 84%), which is not correct because I have successfully completed all steps.

The annoying part is next time i go to this site and click on RESUME the link will send me to the part Functions, instead of part 5 (List & Dictionaries).

I'm not saying it's a major bug, but it is a bit annoying in terms of usability :slight_smile:


I see now that my problem was not as serious as the one you are facing now so please report this as a bug here,
Codecademy Help Ticketing Sysytem


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