Bug on the lesson 'Named colors' : after resetting the exercsice all the html code was gone



After resetting my exercise the html file was gone. I tried login out then login in, but it didn't work. I also tried to get back to the previous lessons but I couldn't find my html code.

without the html code I can't see the result of my modifications I made to advance in the lesson.

Could someone please post a copy of the code in the index.html file ? it would be nice.

Replace this line with your code.


Ok so as far as I can tell, there is no index.html code for this lesson? I am pretty sure of this. So I believe all your modifications should be visible on the screen on the right and the lesson is passable without it. I guess if nothing else you could copy and paste the index.html from the first lesson in this chapter into the lesson if you really want it there... idk just a thought


Thank for your response.
This is a capture of my screen. as you see the html file is umpty. I can't see any modification I add to my css since the html code is empty. all I need is to paste the html code that corresponds to this lesson (I lost the html code after resetting the exercice)


Ok well first off, thats exactly how it should look I believe. I don't think they are as worried about what you see as much as they are wanting you to learn this. Like I said previously:

But the html is not the point for this lesson. You are working on CSS styling and such.


Thank very much I fixed it by finding the corresponding html in the introductory lesson 'the power of color'.


No problem! Glad to have been of service. Enjoy the rest of the chapter :smiley:


can someone post the code for the html for the lesson “colors” ? mine is missing and unfortunately as a result no matter what i do the the css part it wont show in the webpage so i don’t know if its actually working or not.


Please read the previous responses they answer question entirely


Unfortunately you are mistaken. There is a bunch of HTML code prepopulated that the CSS runs with in the first lesson. If you restart any lesson afterwards, the HTML file is erased, so you cannot see the results of editing the CSS file.

I’m having all kinds of buggy problems with this. My favorite is this one, which I keep getting on multiple pages of this lesson -

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘1’ of null
at l (jquery.expect.js:1)
at c (jquery.expect.js:1)
at l (jquery.expect.js:1)
at HTMLHeadingElement. (jquery.expect.js:1)
at Function.each (jquery.min.js:2)
at init.each (jquery.min.js:2)
at f.css (jquery.expect.js:1)
at Function.g [as css] (jquery.min.js:2)
at eval (eval at e.testWeb (web_libs.js:1), :3:23)
at Object.e.testWeb (web_libs.js:1)


Not sure what I didn’t already say but yes I acknowledged that fact in a previous answer to this person’s question. If you have a complaint about bugs make your own topic under Platform Problems in the Community section.


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