[Bug] Next slide 1


Hi, I have just found a bug in the step 4 of Make an Interactive Website (Flipboard).

My code is right and make the page works correctly but the editor tells me this:

Remember to fade in the next slide and add the 'activeSlide' class.

The class to get the slide works is active-slide and not activeSlide. Although, if you use "activeSlide", the tutorial let you pass.

I think it should be fixed. Please tell me if I'm wrong.


Could provide us with your code ???


It's the same to the suggest box, but here is it anyway;

var main = function() {
  $('.dropdown-toggle').click(function() {

  $('.arrow-next').click(function() {
    var currentSlide = $('.active-slide');
    var nextSlide = currentSlide.next();



It is true
that the course-checker uses the wrong class-name
the addClass() setting is NOT properly checked.
the removeClass() is properly checked.

Maybe your future lies in code-testing ......