[BUG] Jquery: 6, Getting Started: The task is already solved!


In the 6th task, the task they tell you to do is already done! I should not need to explain that this defeats the whole point of the exercise, which is learning to write Jquery syntax! Please fix ASAP! No, I have not done this class before on this account, so it's not that. Thanks for your attention.

Update: Same problem in 7! Imgur link: http://i.imgur.com/tXzhUGI.png I did NOT even TOUCH the code, yet the task has already been finished! How is this supposed to help me develop skills within coding? Please fix for future students!


Excuse me. Did you search this issue before posting? It might have saved a lot of time, and us having to examine yet another elaborate post on the subject.


Is this an automated response? This is not an issue to be searched for an fixed by me the user, because this is not an error created by user input. This is a bug in the system. The task I was supposed to do, "Add a $(document).ready()", was already done when it's clear by the nature of this website that it shouldn't have been! If this is not the first time you've seen this complaint, that's a pretty good sign that this is an issue that should be forwarded to the programmers as this bug actually defeats the point of the lesson. It may be minor but it's still there and it's affecting me, the user.


My point, exactly. Had you searched, you would have found this same subject has come up numerous times. We're out of the loop, so welcome to the party.


@mtf is correct, please research before you post.