[Bug] JavaScript Course - Functional Scope

First - the ‘Report A Bug’ link doesn’t work in Firefox Developer Edition.

Second - the Functional Scope, lesson 2: scope.js

If you click the ‘Get Code’ button after typing in incorrect code a certain amount of times, it will auto-fill the box with code. However, the auto-fill basically skips #4 and proceeds to #5 which results in errors and doesn’t allow you to continue.

The auto-fill includes myApartment(); which prevents you from proceeding past #4. You have to delete the myApartment(); function call, perform #4 which is to output a console log then delete the console log add myApartment(); back in to complete the lesson.

A fix would be to just remove the myApartment(); function call from the ‘Get Code’ auto-fill, that way users (students?) can perform #4 and then #5. That make sense?


Hey Michael, thanks for the feedback! I’ll make sure that this gets logged.