BUG - It keeps saying please refresh the page


Hi, in this lesson i think there's a bug because it keeps saying please refresh the page, don't worry your code will be here but it never works even in other browsers.

For bug in 5/9

It's most definitely broken.
Use this:
(It's the same link but without the stuff at the end)
That will get you another version which I put a band-aid on, it was the best I could do, most or all will have that curriculumid thing on their url ):

Alternatively, click on the text file's tab in the editor, type a few characters and then undo your modifications to it, and it should work again.

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The latter suggestion is easy and efficient. You don't even have to undo your mods, just click on the script.py tab after you are done and continue as per usual.

Bug in Reading Between the Lines

I faced the same problem and this post was indeed of great help. Thank you! @ionatan