BUG? issue? Cp1 exercise 5?

Learn the command line course, exercise 5.cp1?

Issue i am having is i get to step 4 but can’t progress due to the fact i cannot complete the step…


cd drama ls (i do this in order to become familiar with looking at current directory and or files i access, however the steps don’t require this from me)
cp biopic/cleopatra.txt historical/ ls (again this isn’t required)
$ pwd (again checking what current directory i am in)
/home/ccuser/workspace/movies/drama/historical/ <--------- current state…

NOW, step 4 asks me to navigate up one directory from drama/historical/ to drama/…
now please do correct me if wrong, but i believe a number of exercies back, it states to use ‘cd…’ to move back ONE directory? however i do use ‘cd…’ to get back to the beginning and navigate through to the directory…

‘cd…’ does not work, however ‘cd’ does but takes me all the way back?

EXAMPLE: cd (ENTER) 'ls' or 'pwd' this what is shown.. workspace.. so i am currently in the 'workspace' directory... and i navigate to the directory as stated but obviously this does not work and or complete the step... so in short... what command is it to move up/down a directory... as while i use ' cd’ or ‘$ cd…’ to navigate and complete the step, obviously it does not work… help? please… and the answer to this will probably be a simple one haha…

Put a space between cd and the two dots. cd is the command and .. is it’s argument. When written together cd.. the terminal looks for the command cd.. but doesn’t find it.

Tell me if that helped


yes!! outstanding, thank you very much… just a space that wan’t implemented into the code… yes it worked thank you for your help! :smile:

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