Bug in system with font px?

Hi - I’m getting an error saying I put down 32 px font instead of 16 px like the directions, in the second paragraph. But I definitely put down 16. Not sure what to do?


Hi, pls send through a screen shot


We need to see the code, in code form, not an image.

Also, what have you tried to fix this? Make sure your zoom is set to 100% and that you don’t have a minimum font size (do a Google search).

And @zainabrawat, please don’t encourage the use of images over text, as it’s harder to debug with images as we can’t copy-paste the code easily, Thanks.

@jibblyj I know but some don’t know how to put in code form
and they give half info…

I understand, but if possible, could you tell them how to format code, instead of asking for a picture?

Code Formatting

To format code you can: Insert 3 backticks before and after your code:

I'm visible as code!



<p>I'm visible as code!</p>

Insert all of your code, select it all, then do Ctrl + Shift + C
<p>I'm visible as code!</p>

I recommend the first one because it has syntax highlighting.

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Hi @zainabrawat

<!DOCTYPE html>
		<title>Changing the colors!</title>
		<h1 style="font:16px; color:green">Big Heading</h1>
			<p style="color:violet">A giant bear and a little duck were friends.</p>
			<p style="font:10px; color:red">But the bear got hungry and ate the duck.</p>

Hi, remember the style modifier for font size is:
<p style="font-size:16px'`>text</p>
Check lines 7 and 9/10 to be sure the code matches up correctly to the example.

@dr00b got it… human error. i forgot to put size after font. thank you so much :slight_smile:

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