Bug in SQL Category


This is an obvious bug, nothing explained but a :bug: i litterarly copied it straight from the instructions...

Click on Image for it to get Full Screen. Even with the semicolon at the end ><

Error: near line 1: no such table: celebs

Is this fixed now? Or are we having the same issue?


Did you type it in, or paste it?


I Pasted it exactly from instructions. Somehow i passed this before but when i try to redo it, it dosent work.


What happens if you type in the statement?


I tried that also and same thing ><


You may have to reset everything and start from the first lesson, again.

Click Get Help > I want to restart this lesson > Reset lesson


How do you reset a lesson again?


The table already exists from previous exercise, and that's why it passes even though there's an error, because what it looks for is there. And it's also what the error is complaining about when you're trying to create the table.

What I did was to drop the table and then create it, so that I could feel like I had actually done as I was supposed to.