Bug in level 25

Hi, apparently I’m not the only one with this issue. My code seems right but I can’t pass to level 26. Could be a glitch as I saw on another post.


Oops, try again.
Did you remember to give your image a 1px solid #4682b4 border?


h1 {
font-family:Verdana, sans-serif;

p {
font-family:Garamond, serif;

img {
border:1px solid #4682b4;

<do not remove the three backticks above>

your stylesheet code looks fine! :slight_smile: could you please post your html code?
maybe try to refresh your page and run your code again

Probably you forgot to link the CSS to the page, like so:

<link href="stylesheet.css" type="text/css" rel="stylesheet" />

Had the same problem in browser Google Chrome.
when I started this lesson (25) in Windows 10 Edge browser there was no problem at all.
So I sugest to try another browser, success.


the border width is affected by the zoom level of the browser, try setting the zoom to 100% (ctrl + 0 or cmd + 0 for mac, is a shortcut which works most of the time)

Just tried at work, on Google Chrome, and it worked!

So it’s kinda weird because it didn’t work in Firefox but does in Chrome, unlike you tedvanosch :wink:

Thanks for your help!

Could have been: browser zoom level. Or your browser (you where working in FF, he in chrome) could have been sending cached data, in which case switching browser is a very good idea

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Just now had the same frustration with chrome and found this thread in the forum. To add further insight for the next person - Ctrl-0 didn’t work for me but when I used Ctrl-- (ctrl minus) and got the screen zoom size back to 100% it worked.

Stop press: Now I realize the NumLock wasn’t on. That probably explains why ctrl-0 did not work as I only used the numeric keypad. Doh!

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