Bug in lesson [unreproducible]

I’m thinking bug too. I added font-size: 18px; to the style.css under the th, td section and keep getting the red x. I copied the full code to notepad, and the selected get solution and the compared the codes and they were exactly the same.

Hi, I tried working on the lesson and wasn’t able to get a bug. Do you have any additional details? And were you able to get past it?

Hi, I seem to have had the same bug. Even when I copied the solution, reset the exercise and pasted, I got the red x.
I got past it by refreshing the page.

Yes, there’s definitely a bug. There only exists one section with th, td. If I add “font-size: 18px;” the lesson still remains with the read cross.

Hey @annettevogt could you provide me a link to the exercise?

As of today this issue still seems to persist. I refreshed the page a couple of times and also allowed the lesson to give me the answer (which was the same as mine and yours) so I could copy how they did it exactly, however, when I refreshed and tried placing the code where they had placed it, the issue still persisted. Hopefully they get this bug fixed soon.