Bug in lesson [unreproducible]

I’m thinking bug too. I added font-size: 18px; to the style.css under the th, td section and keep getting the red x. I copied the full code to notepad, and the selected get solution and the compared the codes and they were exactly the same.

Hi, I tried working on the lesson and wasn’t able to get a bug. Do you have any additional details? And were you able to get past it?

Hi, I seem to have had the same bug. Even when I copied the solution, reset the exercise and pasted, I got the red x.
I got past it by refreshing the page.

Yes, there’s definitely a bug. There only exists one section with th, td. If I add “font-size: 18px;” the lesson still remains with the read cross.

Hey @annettevogt could you provide me a link to the exercise?

As of today this issue still seems to persist. I refreshed the page a couple of times and also allowed the lesson to give me the answer (which was the same as mine and yours) so I could copy how they did it exactly, however, when I refreshed and tried placing the code where they had placed it, the issue still persisted. Hopefully they get this bug fixed soon.

Same bug came up for me. I’ve repeated it a number of times and will just do the solution code and then move on.

I see another thread about the bug is locked and marked as resolved. I’m curious how issues brought up in the forum might actually reach people with the ability to fix bugs. Does anyone know?

Also, this lesson seems out of place considering the previous flow. The other lessons all gave lots of background info on HTML, even repeating things that had been covered and are quite simple. This one transitions to CSS and doesn’t provide much explanation at all.