Bug in: Learn Javascript - Comments


I am stuck at the "comments" page in learn javascript, number 7 of 8. After multiple tries, browser refreshes, restarting lesson, reboots, etc, I still get this error:

Whoa there!
comments.js has been moved. This will cause problems with this exercise, please move comments.js back to its original location, or reset your files

The page is:

The only code I have in the console is from the previous lesson:


I also cannot edit the console on the "comments" page as it is grayed out.
Can you please help fix this?


This in fact is a bug..I suggest Reporting it on the specific lesson you are on. :slight_smile:


THank you - I have reported it as a bug. The error happened in the "Edge" browser. Now works just fine in Chrome.


Good to hear. :slight_smile:


I've reported it just now as well. I am using the Chrome browser, but immediately upon entering the exercise get the same message about the comments.js being moved.
Looking forward to proceeding the training. :slight_smile:

Edit: Solved by just renaming one of the empty js'es.


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