Bug in HTML Basics #11 - Adding Images


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HTML Basics, #11, Adding Images

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No questions on coding. I am a Comp Sci teacher and when the code is correct it will not let students proceed to #12.


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this exercise is very strict when it comes to validation, you need to use xml syntax:

<img src="url.jpg" />

too many or to little spaces is not allowed. a space between .jpg" and /> is required.

This course will get an upgrade soon

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You’re close but it should look more like this


I am also having this problem, the picture appears on the right but, the system says I have done something wrong. I tried to enter “url” as noted above but it didnt work.
(Loving the academy :slight_smile: by the way!)
Copy of Code: (ps just took out duck link)

<!DOCTYPE html>
		<img src="http://static.boredpanda.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2015/09/cute-bunnies-110__605.jpg"/>

Haha I tried to paste the code there and my picture popped up :slight_smile:

did you even bother to read the other answers in this topic?

clearly not, if you did, you would have found the solution

I had read the the other answers but It did not occur to me that the display window on the right could display the picture even if the code was not acceptable to go to the next section. I think I had one too many spaces at the end.

Hi Iam Jiher
Thank you everyone, just pass it /:slight_smile: !

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Hi Iam stuck againon lesson 16 Conditionnals
Can anyone help me

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