Bug in Exercise 2. Array Syntax


Hi, well I don't know what's wrong with my code and I have tried everything that possible. But I'm still stuck at this exercise.
I have tried refresh my browser, delete my history browser, everything (well yes I'm exaggerating.. :smile_cat: )
But I still got an error message that tells me I forgot to input a comma, otherwise the submit button suddenly got freeze and not responding.. Oh yeah I am using mozilla firefox, but is it affected?

Here's my code:

    <title>Woot, More Arrays!</title>
        // Add your array elements after
        // "Beans" and before the final ")"
        $array = array("Egg", "Tomato", "Beans", "Chips", "Sausage" );        

can anybody help me?


interesting the code works fine for me but not for you this could just be mozilla or a major bug hopefully the devs will look into it


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