Bug In Almost Every Exercise

I’ve sent in many bug reports about this in many exercises. I’ll copy and paste my last one to sum this up.

"Step 8 says to “Visit http://localhost:8000/messages in the browser. Click on New Message to add a message of your own.” This is not possible. In the browser interface on the right, you can click the back arrow. This only retrieves the last typed URL. You can click the refresh arrow. This appears to do absolutely nothing. There’s the URL bar in which you can type URLs. Hitting enter does nothing and acts as if you clicked the green “Run” button at the bottom-center of the screen. There’s an enlarge button. This enlarges the blank, empty browser to become fullscreen.

So tell me. How am I supposed to visit http://localhost:8000/messages in the browser?"

Here’s a picture of how this appears on my end: http://i.imgur.com/VJhtOrG.png

Another frustrating problem is repeatedly seeing “look at the diagram on the right” and only seeing a huge, blank, white space like the one in the picture above. How many pages worth of information have I missed out on just because the interface is glitched? I may never know.

Yet another frustrating problem is how weird it feels to perform 8 steps in a row, either writing or copying and pasting over 1 full page of code, and not knowing how huge chunks of it work because none of it is being explained. Some 15 or so new concepts are all being introduced simultaneously in the same exercise and interacting with each other in various ways, and there’s no explanation on how they function. As such, I’m obviously not learning anything; I’m just copying and pasting what I’m being told to copy and paste. I wonder if those invisible diagrams would have explained any of these things… What a depressing feeling this is.

These problems exist for me across multiple browsers, including chrome and firefox.


Hi @thecarsletsgo,

I’m sorry that your topic got missed, and that you’ve been experiencing this trouble :slight_frown:

It sounds to me like your firewall might be blocking certain resources that Codecademy is using. Could you please confirm that you can access each of these following URLs?

I’m having similar issues. Once I reached step 5 of this particular section, the localhost:8000 and any subpages have failed to load. I tried the above links and fonts.gstatic.com gave a 404 error, and js-agent.newrelic.com threw the following error:
“This XML file does not appear to have any style information associated with it. The document tree is shown below.”

I am using Chrome on a Windows OS operating on a home network.

@jmeyer08 OK, as long as the errors you’re getting are coming from the server (they are), you’re fine - it just means they aren’t serving up a home page there.

If you try visiting https://localhost:8080 instead, does it work?

I’m seeing the same issue in both of the Rails courses.

(most) of the exercises that require ‘redirect_to’ don’t work. It results in a 404 error when trying to navigate to that content.

In the Authentication course, there is no way around it in step 6 of the very first lesson. It’s impossible to progress through the course.

So apparently this has been a problem for 7 years? The Ruby on Rails course’s browser interface doesn’t work, and no explanation is given for what I’m copy and pasting, just “view in browser” which I can’t. I found this website though: https://www.railstutorial.org/

A couple articles recommended this book - what do people here think? I’m starting on the free sample chapters.