Bug in Access by Index


print numbers[1] + numbers[2+1] #marked incorrect

is equivalent to

print numbers[1] + numbers[3] #marked correct

and results in the same answer but is marked incorrect.


Some lessons are checked against strings that must match. This may be one of those. It is not a bug.


This is a bug. The string does not have to match for you to access the list by index and address the lesson requirement fully. The lesson limits your indexing ability significantly if you can't index by reference. Programming often requires giving specific instructions. There's no exception checking in the lesson or the instructions are not specific enough.


It is the way the lesson checker is written, not a bug. Python works fine. The lesson checker is looking specifically for [3], not an expression that yields 3. The lesson is far too trivial to be splitting hairs over how the SCT checks the inputs.