Bug in 8 electronic slide


the css file is simply a copy of the html file, meaning that the exercise has no stylesheet. its supposed to be an exercise about sliding something into view, but there is nothing there. thanks


Could you please post screenshots, so I could see? Thanks.


yeah . there is a bug that there is no css file in practice 8 electronic slide

8.deslizamiento electronico

Screenshots follow.

I am also seeing this bug. The CSS file cannot be edited; the blinking cursor cannot be placed anywhere inside the text, it only defaults to prior to the first character, and clicking "reset code" does nothing. There are no boxes present in the preview module, and even though I have successfully completed the lesson, nothing happens. (I entered text into the div to see if it was still working, but on an empty/unstyled div, and nothing happened to the text even upon successfully completing the lesson.)

Note that there was also a report of the same bug, but in Spanish, from December 14 of last year.

I am using the lastest version of the Chrome browser.


This needs to be fixed! Thanks for sharing screenshots! :slightly_smiling:


Yeah the bug still isn't fixed!


Same here! Also, the bug can also be reproduced if you go to the script.js tab, then go to the stylesheet.css tab. Weird.


Bug still not fixed. Also where is jquery file imported?


How do I get to passed to the next section if there is a bug???


@selmadelgado This shouldn't be blocking you from proceeding. Please create a new topic with your code, a link to the exercise you're on, and the error message you're getting.