[Bug] I was able to pass the exercise with the wrong answer - 11. Functions recap


Hi, guys.

I was able to pass the 11th exercise under this lesson but my code (this one below) logged [Function] instead of the string required.

I already included the right code to pass the exercise but think what I did discovered a bug, right?

Don't know if I should report bugs in here or if there's another section to do that.

var nameString = function ( name ) {
    return "Hi, I am" + " " + name;


Obs.: The code above is the wrong one but it passed. If you are looking for an answer to your exercise you should try to include the string inside the console.log as well . eg.: console.log(nameString("Vanessa"));


Sorry, I'm new :slight_smile:

Is this a comment that you deleted or a message you receive when trying to reply this topic?


I deleted as it was unnecessary. I thought you were wanting help. Did not read that you are pointing at a bug.:innocent: