Bug Help

Hi Codecademy,
I seem to be encountering a bug in the Web Development path.

After I successfully complete coding something, I am unable to advance to the next section.

The hack I discovered is to reveal the answer to the study question, but as I mentioned, I’ve already successfully completed the ask.

The ‘next’ button remains inactive.

There are several sections of the path that I have completed and they remain ‘incomplete.’

Could you please assist with this? I’ve raised 2 tickets but am unable to progress now.


Hey there @java5568279423
Could you post links to some of the lessons that have this bug?

Fashion Blog
I successfully completed the exercise and it will not let me advance


It also presented in the Wine Festival Exercise. I managed to clear it after checking off the steps in the instructions.


All other instances I have cleared with the ‘hack’ of getting the answer to the solution and then the button is activated.

Let me know if this helps.

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