Bug help in Functions Code Challenge

Hey All,

I’m working on the functions code challenge, and I pushed myself to try something extra. The goal is to have the user input their first name and last name, and then have the code read their name like James Bond.

But for some reason, it won’t pause to accept the user input.

Any thoughts?

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I tried your code in the challenge editor, the small editor found in some articles, and the personal Workspace editor and found it only worked in the challenge editor. odd

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It looks fine to me, any chance it has been run more than once and older versions are still just hanging on the terminal?

Maybe try a quick refresh if not clearing the cache. Unless I’m very much mistaken that should run.

Edit: Considering @levicoder27’s comment how are you running this code?

@tgrtim I just went back to the page and refreshed it, re-entered the same code by hand, and got the same issue. For some reason it will not pause to accept user input.

I still can’t get it to run correctly at all.

I’d assume then that whatever page you’re using to compile and run isn’t set up to accept user input (a lot of the lessons have to terminal at all).

Have you tried to run it locally?