BUG: Cannot copy paste

When I try to mark the url for copy-paste, I check/uncheck the checkbox instead.

I had the same problem too. The page has a problem because when I select something, it gets unselected. So there is no way to Copy the URL for example. What I did was, I selected the URL, then I press Ctrl + Print like if I am going to Print but then, I press ESC to cancel the Print. Once I do that, the URL is still selected then I can copy it by Ctrl + C for example and it works. I should not be like that, developers have to fix that because newbies learning how to code, are not going to be able to Copy and complete the task in order to move forward in the Course.

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Good morning,

Simple way to do it is select the text you want to copy without releasing your mouse button and while its highlighted just click Ctrl+C, it should do the trick.

Hope it helps