Bug -- cannot access a particular module

I’ve recently completed a unit (CSS: An overview – In the pt-br side of codecademy), but it says that it is only 69% complete. When I click the link, I receive a 404 error.


Could you see what’s happened? Thanks.

I tried, i can open the css overview track, is there a particular exercise in this section which won’t work?

The whole section does not work.
I see this (which shows 69% completion) and when I click it I’m sent to this.

and the link i provided earlier, doesn’t work either? here is the link again

I’m sorry, I did not realise the link you sent was a solution.

Then link works, and I can access the unit again.

Thank you.

Good to hear my url does work for you, i will run this up the chain to see what caused it. Thank you for reporting, happy coding :slight_smile:

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