Bug at css



i wrote all the code correct but its showing me that i didnt

Not letting me move on to the next lesson!

I am having a similar issue. This example is not recognizing text-decoration.

a {
text-decoration: none;


This is a glitch, when using Chrome or Opera.

Any other browser should let you pass the exercise.


I have Windows 7 and IE and Firefox aren't working for me. I'm still stuck.


I am having This Bug


No, I tried Explorer and Safari and still no progress. It 's clrearly a bug that need be fixed.


I am having the same issue with that section. I am using Chrome and encountered the same issue in Safari and Firefox.


My only workaround was to copy and paste my code from Firefox & submit it in I.E. I am using using I.E 11.


Can Confirm it's a bug. Been trying all sorts of ways to let it give me the go ahead, but it isn't. Please fix this bug.


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