Bug ? and I 404 error page


Hi All,
According to many post online I have the correct solution but the "System" is not agreeing. Please help me complete this challenge or maybe it is a bug?

JavaScript/ Course 1 / 17.Computers aren't that smart

// The computer doesn't worry about extra spaces between words or brackets
// It just cares about the order of where things are placed
// and that you have used the right characters (){}[]"";

// For extra help, a program called a 'linter' is checking your code
// and will put a red 'x' next to the first line that contains errors

if (10 === 10) {
console.log="You got a true!";
} else {
console.log="You got a false!";


About the 404 page...

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Post links to these post so that we can correct them as well :smile:

The problem with your code is that instead of using the console.log function you overwrite it with the value:

name = value;

stores the value in name and that is what you do here:

console.log="You got a true!";

So better use console.log("You got a true!"); instead. Also if you've already run this you need to refresh the page because otherwise it will tell you that console.log is not a function which is correct because now it is the string "You got a true!".