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My code is good, but is stills gives and error.

					$loopCond = false;
					do { 							echo "<p>The loop ran even though the loop condition is false.</p>";
					} while ($loopCond == true);
					echo "<p>Now the loop is done running.</p>";

It also doesn't matter how much () I put around it, (((((( ))))))


it should be good atleast


The program they are using to demonstrate the active code totally messes up since they have it set to update live, so everytime you pause for more than a second it tries to update, then it hangs, then it forgets all the code you put it. I have the same looking code, and have looked over the others. This is a website execution problem, not anything you are doing wrong.

I did notice you have do{} this is comes in the next section, try taking that out for this one.


Yeah, but isn't that alternative syntax not for while loops only?
Thanks for the reply hope they fix it

-edit just tried to put parentheses around the variable and it works, ruins the code though :frowning: .
It just checks the wrong $loopCond.