Bubble chat icon missing on Pro

Hello! As stated in the title, I’m still on Pro subscription and I want to ask for an advice however the bubble chat icon on the bottom right corner of the screen is missing. Kindly help. Thanks!

PS. Not sure what category to put this in. Please move this in the appropriate section. Thanks!


You don’t see this icon?

How long can’t you see the chat icon, was it visible before? Can you access all the other pro content projects and quizzes?

yes that’s the icon i can’t see. i can click on that before but now it is missing.
however i can access the rest of the pro content like quizzes etc…

You don’t have any firewall that could be blocking it? Try a different browser or device.

for some odd reason, I can see the chat icon again after a few browser restarts. Not sure what really happened there but I’m glad it’s accessible again.

Thanks @zainabrawat

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That’s great :slight_smile:

No problem :green_heart: