Brushing up on visual design?

Hi folks,
I’m on the Front-End Engineer career path course.
I’m planning to work as a freelancer and keen to improve my visual design abilities. Can anyone recommend a good course? I have a degree in post production for film so am familiar with Adobe… I just feel that I need help with visual design for the web… best practices from concept design to completion.

Thank you

Welcome to the forums!

If you’re looking for a Codecademy course, you can check out this section of the catalogue.

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Thank you for the welcome!. I’m working through the codecademy courses. I just feel like I need more tuition on the design aspect; for example preparing a mock up in photoshop, illustrator or XD. I’m not sure what the best practices are or how to find out…

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I wish there was more UX coursework here. Granted, it probably would be hard to develop and then grade/check the exercises using automation.