Browser panel doesn't shrink small enough to demonstrate flex properties in Chrome

In the introduction to Flexbox ( lesson, the far-left instruction panel suggests shrinking the far-right browser panel to see flex-shrink properties. However, I cannot shrink the browser panel small enough to see some of the properties described. After shrinking the browser panel, it seems to hit some kind of minimum width, and just shifts the browser contents to one side, where they are hidden.

Is this just a Chrome issue? Is there a workaround?

Seems to be something buggy in Chrome… when I navigated back to the tab I was working on, it was behaving fine and allowing me to shrink the window to see the effects described… I have noticed it’s also been buggy around displaying the windows to re-size the three panels in the codecademy lessons lately, though.

Do you have any Chrome extensions installed? I wonder if that would affect it.