Browser Compatibility - .babelrc adding "env"

Okay, A: I’m doing the JavaScript section on Browser Compatibility and Transpiration, which apparently doesn’t have its own section/category. I’m on the part where it tells you to add the object { “presets”: [“env”] } to the .babelrc file. Problem is, it doesn’t give any instructions on how to do this. It does not have any tips on syntax or which window you’re supposed to type it in, and it’s obviously not possible to type this directly into the node window, because pressing enter runs whatever you just typed instead of dropping a line. I also can’t find anything specific to explain it on google, because it apparently assumes I’m completely familiar with the node window on every single site I could find. Pressing “get code” is no help, since it only passes the instructions, but completely reloads the node window without showing you the proper code to do the instructions. Would somebody please tell me what in the heck I was supposed to do here?

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This post will solve your problem.