Browser Compatibility and Transpilation windows 10


I’m currently using windows 10. In this lesson installing babel on my computer is suggested.
Is this necessary?
Should I install Bash/Shell?
Will this use up a lot of space on my hard drive?
I currently only have this laptop & am concerned about doing anything that might unnecessarily compromise it’s health.
Any help/advice is appreciated : )


I would install babel

You need a test/development environment to write your es6 code, and transpile it for es5 production/deployment environment.

Installing software is common practice, it doesn’t cause additional wear to the hard drive or anything, in fact, my personal (this is important) opinion is to install linux altogether, and not going for linux subsystem.


Can I do that & still run windows 10?


yep, there are two possible ways to install Linux:

virtualization, installing linux in a virtualbox so it runs on top of windows (OS share resources, so linux is a bit slower)
dual boot, at boot you select which OS you want to run

when going for the dual boot, i would make a backup of your important files, in case something goes wrong.


Ok, I’ll have to learn more about both before moving forward with either.
If you think of any other suggestions or precautions I definitely appreciate any further advice.

Thanks for the help/advice! : )


well, i have a bit of advice actually.

You can install linux on a flash drive, then boot and run linux from the flash drive, this way, no changes are made to your computer, you can check linux out, install software (the software is temporary installed on USB), so for example babel can be installed, and you can just test it

One thing, linux is under the hood a very different operating system then windows, so it might take some time to get used


Sounds like that might be a good way to start. I’ll look into each option.

Appreciated, thank you!


yes, given the only installation that is happening is on the thumb drive.