Brown Bear image: Code wont run

I am trying to do the first HTML course about the brown bear.

I have followed the instruction and the bear image appears but I am still getting the following error:

“Did you set the img source to the given URL?”

This is my code currently:

  <h1>The Brown Bear</h1>
  <div id="introduction">
    <h2>About Brown Bears</h2>
    <p>The brown bear (<em>Ursus arctos</em>) is native to parts of northern Eurasia and North America. Its conservation status is currently <strong>Least Concern</strong>.<br /><br /> There are many subspecies within the brown bear species, including the Atlas bear and the Himalayan brown bear.</p>
      <li>Nelsoni (extinct)</li>
    <p>Brown bears are not always completely brown. Some can be reddish or yellowish. They have very large, curved claws and huge paws. Male brown bears are often 30% larger than female brown bears. They can range from 5 feet to 9 feet from head to toe.</p>
  <div id="habitat">
    <h3>Countries with Large Brown Bear Populations</h3>
      <li>United States</li>
    <h3>Countries with Small Brown Bear Populations</h3>
    <p>Some countries with smaller brown bear populations include Armenia, Belarus, Bulgaria, China, Finland, France, Greece, India, Japan, Nepal, Poland, Romania, Slovenia, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan.</p>
  <div id="media">
      <image src="" />

Hey @course5110212082,

Welcome to the forums!

You may want to look into what the proper element tag is for an image in HTML :wink:

Hope this helps.

Happy coding!

I think I am confusing myself

<img><image src=""/><img/>

Does that seem right - does it need an element before ?

The image is still appearing either way.

<img src="" />

Should do the trick. This is the proper syntax.

Oh I am a fool - thank you for the help!

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