Broadway whole project

Are these projects meant for you to fill in the missing pieces after the instructions or are you only meant to follow the instructions listed in the steps? Following the instructions in the steps only gets you so far and once you’re done the website looks nothing like what they show you it’s supposed to look like. I just want to know if you’re supposed to figure it out on your own or is there lack of instruction.


It should be enough to complete as much as asked in the five steps. It is a project so quite open ended. The code is not graded or examined. We are left to our devices to figure how the example page renders and wrestle our own into the same presentation.

What is different in your page as compared to the example?

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completing the steps isn’t a problem for me, i understand and can do what the instructions ask, but when i do them and the steps are done the final product looks nothing like the example. If you look at the link provided in the beginning and open it in a new tab, you can hit F12 using Google Chrome you can see the code and it doesn’t match what’s in codecadamy visual.

Which visual elements are different?

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Everything. The main heading, the button, background, and the three links and buttons at the bottom.

Mine is slightly different but close enough to satisfy me. Can you grab some screen captures of the different page segments in your output?

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