Broadway project

In Broadway Project, I don’t understand why “margin-top: 0px;” affects main element, instead of only main h1 element? I try different values to see how it changes and see that it affects the whole main element.

main h1 {
color: #333;
font-family: ‘Raleway’, sans-serif;
font-weight: 600;
font-size: 70px;
margin-top: 0px;
padding-top: 140px;
margin-bottom: 80px;
text-transform: uppercase;


Hmm I can’t seem to explain why this is going on. It seems as if the whole body is moved downwards if you remove the margin-top from the main h1 element. This may be something on the back end of the course but I am not sure.

@mtf any chance you can shed some light on this?

It looks like the top margin of the heading is leaking out the top. It is weird behavior but I’m sure it can be explained. Suggest try it on one’s own machine and see if the same is exhibited away from the CC LE.