Broadway Challenge Project

Hello all,

just completed my project on Broadway, I also did the extra bit for the footer, will appreciate feedback.
link to my github :

also link to view website here:


Hi, ajax, the site looks good but it’s not so responsive and you should consider positioning your container properly.

Thank you so much eugenegoh.

As am a newbie am taking it one step at a time and hoping to become better. I will improve an make it responsive when I have learnt more. I took a look at your github and great how you did your page. Is there any way I can learn from that? so I can make mine good as well.

Also how do you think I can improve quickly on Javascript knowing there is too much to learn.


Your’re welcome.

To answer your question above, check out this article →

and here is GitHub Stats (Repo) that I used →

To answer how you can improve JavaScript →

What works for me is that I took a step back. First, you shouldn’t go too fast on the course. Why? If you don’t have a CS background you probably would not understand what they’re talking about in the JavaScript course. When I was starting out I was too fast on the JavaScript course which leads me to feel overwhelming and feeling I have failed.

To give you more confidence, I had relearned the JavaScript course which made me fully understand what is JavaScript and of course, do some Codewars and get to know some additional methods to use in JavaScript.

Try asking yourself what are you learning? Do you fully understand what they’re talking about? I also jot down notes physically when I was learning and also build some projects on my own of course with help of Google. That’s all my advice :grinning: .

Thank you for your help, really do appreciate. Will see how to improve mine.

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And thank you for your advise, the javascript course is really a lot to learn and am a newbie and paid for the course Full stack Developer including react, python, HTML, CSS and others off a platform which says I have to finish in 1year and to take Microsoft exam as well and promise of a job interview on completion of all these. And it is so overwhelming as am not full time and javascript am just on 25%. I wish I have known all these before now. I don’t know how am going to finish all within 1 year. The HTML and CSS I have to rush within 6months.
What do you think I can do. Thanks

Try to think about it long-term, you either push yourself now or give up.

Thank you, it’s not a beginners course and timewise, but will do my best.

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Good luck & happy coding!

Hello Eugenegoh

Pls how do I make you to see my projects on different topics so you can give some feedback on improvement.

Hi, is this the project you mean?

hi, yes, I have posted it under it’s title, will appreciate your feedback on the title page. Thanks