Brinning it altogether


Excuse me,i'm a beginner for used python
can you slove my problem sir? thank you :blush:

I FINISHED PYTHON! Is there a future with Python?

Sometimes we do indeed help people with non exercise related code. Make a new topic in the corner bar with your code + question so someone can help you


oh thank you,this is the first time i'm joined with codeacademy,,thanks for information:sweat_smile:


it can be anything!

monty = True
python = 1.234
monty_python = python


it is a exercise related question, can you provide the url of the exercise?



monty_python should be python square (**2)


can you explain what is that? :grin:


can you explain what is that?about monty_python should be python square..



and so on. That is square. Please tell me you know what square is. It is basic math. Now you just need the python syntax (**2) to get the square of python.


i'm sorry but i'm just reading and follow tutorial from python test,maybe my basic from math not good enough


did you figure it out?


yeah i'm just writing 1.234 ** 2
if i not forget,but yesterday i can slove what my problem try to understand a question and thinking hard,,,:smile: