Bring C++ free course


Does CodeCademy have plans to bring C++ free course as I would really love to learn a low level language. In fact people should learn C++ as it teaches users how the CPU works while teaching them how to generate really efficent code over Java.


there are no such plans.

codecademy is by far not the only learning platform to teach programming languages. Surely there must be other options if you really want to learn something that codecademy doesn’t offer


There are no other sites like Codecademy that has interactive learning experience. There is Khan Academy but that also doesn’t teach C++ :confused:

May I ask why doesn’t CodeCadmey at all plans to have something like C++ or even Rust perhaps as that is a modern language and has higher level abstractions while the langauge itself is a low level programming language?


the interactive learning allows spoonfeeding, which might be easy to get started, but if you want to learn one of the most complicated programming languages used today (c++), that won’t do. C++ is very difficult, and it requires a lot of work, hard work, which isn’t achieved with spoonfeeding like codecademy does

Codecademy mostly focuses on web development, the only exception to this is Java, but java make sense because its used a lot within different segments of the industry, including some back-end web development (spring)

c++ and rust do totally not fit within the direction codecademy is teaching (web development).

c++ is used a lot within the gaming industry, but outside of that, not that much


You are right in the sense that spoon feeding is a terrible way to learn if you are not forced to think on your own. However I know that CodeCademy teaches you stuff and then you are forced to think on your own via questions it asks. Take for instance Python for example I remember I did that course with my other account and yeah I remember there were a lot of stuff I had to do by my own eventually. I am sure CodeCademy can do the same for C/C++ and/or Rust.

There is also web assembly Rust which is also web development. So as a suggestion at least have two courses, one that teaches Rust from beginner to absolute advanced and then have another course that teaches WEbassebly Rust.

Do you know by any chance if there is another interactive site like CodeCademy that teaches either C, C++ or Rust?


its still spoonfeeding, everything is already broken down into small steps for you.

no, if it exists surely you can find it on google

codecademy can’t teach everything, i mean there are plenty of languages (php, golang) and frameworks (vueJS) which are web related and are not featured on codecademy


As you can check at Course Poll topic, C++ is the top most requested programming language at Codecademy. However, as @stetim94 stated, the language itself is very complex to be teach using spoon feeding because requires a compiler, know a lot about variable types, how it deals with the microprocessor if used for prototyping and so on.

I am sure there are free and premium courses at other learning platforms, which couldn’t be interactive as CC does but will teach you the basis to learn C++ or Rust. If I am not wrong, Rust website has his own online compiler and tutorials in order to get started within.

I could suggest trying CodeWars or CodeRanks if you want to keep practicing the language from the basis to most sharp edge cutting topics :stuck_out_tongue:



We do now :slight_smile:


We do now :slight_smile:


We do now! With a compiler!


WOW WOW WOW! :open_mouth: Awesome!


wow thanks! :grinning:


Np! Still polishing right now. We are going to announce it to everyone on Monday :slight_smile:


Oops, I think I shared it at the CC Facebook group xD


haha it’s okay! all good!


let me know if there are any bugs and ways it can improve. module 2 will be uploaded tomorrow :slight_smile:


That’s awesome. C++ was my first love in college!!!


Few suggestions so far :

  • There should be a explanation about the meaning of the C++ compiler commands like g++ or the name of the default file a.out (Which means Assembly Output). The same goes for the std command which is related to the standard library of C++ (if I recall correctly).
    Atleast move them to the first module for the last one.
  • Explain why sometimes there is a return 0 line inside the main function :slight_smile:
  • At the last exercise at the module 2, there is a typo of the Latex: bmi = \frac{weight}{height^2}


It was explained that this is the way we tell that the function carried out to completion. Is that a little bit vague, by your estimation?

As to how much is explained in any one lesson, that can be shunted off to articles. We don’t need to reinvent the wheel or redocument anything, just grease the wheel, so to speak with narrative and links that lead to answers to these more under-the-skin type of questions.

Least of all, whatever is learned in the presentation of this course should be ported back to the JS, Python, Ruby and Java courses. Presentation is everything and any insight that can be shared with derivative language learners should find its way into the syllabus.


I had to take a look again at the current course chapters and didn’t find anything like that. Perhaps it is just a decorator for the user? Just curious since the main function can work without it :slight_smile:

About the other topic, maybe I am too used to explain to people the most tiny thing of the code instead of letting them think or search on their own. I will take it as an advice rather than an opinion.